The Best of 2018: The Top 10 Stocks That Went to the Future


On October 5, 2018, a Russian company called Kaspersky Lab unveiled a new product that would be used to protect computers from malware and malware-infected websites.

It was called “Tether,” and it was supposed to be a solution for the millions of users that rely on cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, and Microsoft OneDrive.

But when the company released the first version of the product in early 2018, it quickly went viral, causing the company to have to shut down its business.

The company’s CEO, Igor Volkov, said the company would be forced to take a “hard sell” to the public, since the public was not yet “in tune with the idea that their personal data is being used for malicious purposes.”

A couple of months later, the product was officially launched.

And now, as the tech world gears up for the next year of the Cybersecurity Summit, it’s worth taking a look at what this company’s biggest product is, and how it compares to the next big thing in cybersecurity. The Basics