How to use the new Amazon Prime subscription program


The online retailer has added $4.99 monthly Prime service to its stock marketplace, a move that gives Amazon subscribers the ability to purchase up to $49.99 in items a month.

Prime members can also order items from Amazon directly through the site and pay with their credit cards, or by using Prime Pantry, which offers a selection of groceries and other products, for a flat $4 per month.

Prime Pantries, a popular feature of the Amazon Prime program, lets members pay for products by credit card, debit card or PayPal, and it’s available on both and other retailers.

Prime members can choose to receive an additional $10 off the monthly Prime membership fee, which is currently $35.

Prime Pantry is available on and the Prime Pantrials store on Amazon’s mobile app.

Prime Members will also have access to Prime Panties on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video on Prime Music, the company said.

The move to add Prime Panteries is one of the first major changes to Prime membership in a year, with the company initially offering Prime membership for $19.99.

But Amazon’s move to introduce Prime Pantaries to its marketplace in November prompted complaints from customers who said Prime Pantrie prices were not as good as Amazon’s, with some arguing that Prime Pantrams were not the same quality as regular Prime Pantories.

At the time, Amazon said that Prime members could choose from “many of the same great Pantry products” on its website.

“As a result, the Pantry price is now $19 per month for Prime members and $24 for non-Prime members,” Amazon said in a statement.

In addition to Prime Prime Pantiaries, Amazon has launched a number of new Prime products, including a new range of refrigerators, a smart thermostat, an app that allows Prime members to pay by debit card and a video streaming service called Prime Video.

Amazon is also expanding its Prime program in other ways, with Prime Now, an exclusive program that lets Prime members get Prime-exclusive movies, TV shows and music for just $15 per month through Amazon.

Prime customers can now stream content from Amazon’s Video app, and Prime members will get the same Prime-only service at

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