How to save money on Facebook stock, stock price


Gamestop has been hit hard by the Facebook stock price slide over the past couple of weeks.

The Australian retailer has lost around 10 per cent of its value in the past month, with Facebook trading at around $27 a share, according to data from brokerage CLSA.

Gamestamp is now trading at a premium of around $11 a share on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), with a daily average price over the last 24 hours of $13.24, according a report by market analyst Mark Latham.

However, with a recent report by Deloitte’s investment bank showing that Gamestamps business is expected to grow by 8 per cent this year, Gamestap could see its market capitalisation fall by more than a quarter.

Gamers looking to save cash Gamestops recent stock price slump is due to the fact that it has suffered from a lack of consumer interest in the game and digital services, according Gamestarts CEO Mike O’Connor.

He told Business Insider that the slump in Gamesto’s business is not due to a lack in customers buying the game, but due to customers not being interested in buying a product that they don’t need.

“We’re not really worried about the consumer,” Mr O’Connor said.

“I think we’re worried about where the business is going, and the consumer, the gamers, they’re really just not buying it.”

Gamestopping is one of the most popular gaming websites in Australia, with over 40 million registered users.

While Gamestopped has been struggling with Facebook’s slide in the last few months, Gamests stock price is still far above its peak.

The company has also had to deal with the fact Gamestoppers, a digital currency-based service, will be shut down this month, although the company says it will not stop its operations.

However many Gamestoppers are also worried about how the social network will impact the game store and gaming community, as it has not yet launched a game.

Gamestation has struggled to grow as a standalone online game store, despite being a pioneer in the space.

It is currently not able to compete with Amazon and Microsoft, and it is struggling to grow beyond its small online gaming community.

“Our business is built around gamers,” Mr Latham said.

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