How to get rid of the buzz on your brand name: Fox News


Fox News’ chief brand officer says you should “get rid of” the buzz.

Fox News’ Chief Brand Officer, Peter Lichtman, tells Business Insider’s Kyle Kulinski the brand is a “very big part of our brand” and that it “shouldn’t be used as a vehicle for negative things” that could “distract people.”

“We have a brand, and we have a long-standing brand.

We do have a big name that is synonymous with that brand, we’re very loyal to that brand and we believe in that brand.

And I think we should just get rid that buzz off the name and let people know that it is our brand and that is what we do.”

Lichtman says brands are a valuable resource that can help people identify a brand.

“It’s important to note that the brand name is really a marketing tool.

It’s not a marketing term, it’s a brand name.

And we want to get out there with the right brand that people are passionate about.

And if you don’t have that brand that you’re passionate about, you’re not going to get the attention that you want.”

Lantzman says he is not against a brand change but “if there’s a way to be more clear and clear about that, that’s something that we should consider.”

“And the bottom line is, you can always go back and do a brand check with us,” he says.

“If we think there’s something missing from that brand now, we’ll look at it.”

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