How to watch the Christmas stock market live


In a bid to boost holiday shopping, Amazon has unveiled its Christmas stock price predictions on the website, which can be viewed live and updated daily.

Amazon stock price prediction: 8.6mThe prediction of 8.8 million shoppers who will buy Amazon stock on Christmas Day has been confirmed by the online retailer, who is hoping to drive up its sales by as much as 60 per cent.

Amazon stock price forecast: 12.7 million shoppers will buy the company’s stock online in its biggest stock sale ever on Christmas Eve. 

Amazon stock prediction: 4.6 million shoppers are expected to buy the holiday brand on Christmas day. 

It is expected to earn $4.7 billion from the sales on the day.

Amazon stocks forecast: 4.3 million shoppers in the US will buy its Christmas gift range online on December 23. 

The average price of Amazon stock is $35, down 10 per cent on December 22. 

Shares in Amazon have risen 12 per cent in the past week, with the company set to be the best performing on Wall Street this year.

Amazon has not revealed its exact Christmas Day sales figures, but estimates show that about 4.3m Amazon shoppers will be able to buy stock online on Christmas, a figure which is likely to be significantly lower than the figures Amazon has been reporting.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction: 6.8mThe predicted 6.7m shoppers buying Amazon stock online will be purchasing a stock that is valued at $3,400 and has a market cap of $9.9 billion. 

In a statement, Amazon said: We will be releasing our Christmas day forecast on December 26, which we are expecting to be very close to the market close. 

“The Christmas season has been a tremendous one for Amazon, and we have seen record growth in both holiday sales and Christmas shopping this year.”

Amazon Stock Predictions: Amazon stock prices on Christmas eve are based on our best guess at what Amazon will earn on the trading day, including estimates for holiday sales, which include the potential impact of Amazon’s stock price rises on holiday shopping.

Amazon’s stock prices have fallen over the past year due to a slowdown in consumer spending, but the firm is now forecasting an additional $2 billion in sales on Christmas night, an increase from previous forecasts of $1.4 billion.

Amazon shares have surged more than 50 per cent since the end of last year, and are up more than 40 per cent this year, with their market capitalisation currently valued at nearly $40 billion.

Amazon is set to report its Christmas Day earnings for the first time on Thursday.

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