How to buy a Novavax Stock in India


Novavac stocks have gone up by a staggering 20% in the past two weeks, as the company has gone into cardiac arrest mode and its stock price has fallen by more than 10%.

The stock has lost nearly 4% since it surged on news of the cardiac arrest diagnosis.

The stock is now trading at Rs 4,838.94, and is the worst performer of the group.

Novavace stocks have risen by 20% since November 26, when it first went into cardiac arrhythmia.

Novapay, Novavas first biotech-related stock, has also gained by 20%.

However, the stock has now lost nearly 8% since the start of the year.

This is a long-term market-moving event.

The Novavacs stocks have also gone up in recent months by more that 10%.

There are more than 6,000 stocks listed in India.

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