Toronto Stock Exchange: Toronto’s stock exchange will close for good at end of month


The Toronto Stock Exchanges has decided to close its doors at the end of the month, with the company saying it will be “fully and permanently” shuttered.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce today that the Toronto Stockexchange is ending its operations,” the company said in a statement.

“Our stock exchange has had a wonderful run, and has been a great resource for investors.

Our members have worked diligently over the years to grow our platform to become a premier exchange.

We will be completely and permanently shut down at the conclusion of this month’s financial year, effective Jan. 31, 2021.””

We would like to thank our members and all those who have supported our platform, from the early days when we were just a little scrappy startup in Ontario, to our current membership of over 11,000 people.

Our mission has been to offer a platform that provides easy access to financial services in the GTA.

That mission continues today, and we will continue to strive to do better, in the coming months and years.”

Toronto Stock Exchange chief executive officer Peter Smith said in the statement that the company will be moving to other business.

“The Toronto StockExchange has a unique mission and a unique brand that is built on a strong foundation of trust, transparency and integrity,” he said.

We have worked hard to provide a reliable, secure and high-quality platform, and I am confident that this will continue for many years to come. “

We have built a network of more than 50 member companies across the GTA, and the trading platform has been the backbone of this network.

The Toronto Exchange will continue operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of TSX Venture Partners and TSX Global Holdings Inc. “