Spence: ‘I would not rule out future action’


Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has said he has no plans to resign and would “do the right thing” to stay in the White House, a move that could further increase the pressure on President Donald Trump, who has been unable to find a replacement for Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

The Associated Press has been following Hagel’s remarks and the former Defense Secretary’s remarks on CNN’s State of the Union.

“I will do the right things and continue to serve my country.

I have made it clear that I am not stepping aside.

I am going to do the job that I think is right for my country,” Hagel said.

“The president’s choice is a matter of judgment.

I would not suggest that I would resign, but I am very confident that I can do the same thing for my team that I’ve done for my staff,” Hagels comments come as Mattis, who is expected to be named the next defense secretary in the coming days, is set to hold a press conference on Monday to discuss the U.S. military, its role in global security and the future of the war in Afghanistan.

Hagel is expected for the press conference to talk about the recent surge in ISIS violence in Iraq, where the group has taken over large swathes of territory, as well as the Pentagon’s plans to reduce the size of the U

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