How to track stock price using Twitter and


What is Twitter?

Twitter is a service that allows people to post short tweets and receive replies, which can then be shared.

Twitter has grown in popularity, but has also had its share of controversies.

In the past, the company has been accused of suppressing free speech and promoting political agendas.

Its CEO, Dick Costolo, resigned in October 2017 amid allegations that the company censored and suppressed free speech.

The company has faced criticism over its ability to police abusive content.

In October 2017, Twitter suspended two of its top executives.

The suspension stemmed from a tweet that said: “Twitter will not censor content it deems offensive, but will not enforce its policies against people who abuse their power.”

It later revealed that Twitter was suspending the account of a former executive, Joe Sullivan, who was an outspoken critic of the company’s policy on political abuse.

Twitter also suspended another prominent critic, Jimmy Wales, over an alleged tweet that he made that made “jokey, offensive and sexist” comments about women.

In a statement, Twitter said that its policies on harassment and abuse have been in place for “more than two years.”

The suspension was prompted by the resignation of Costolo after allegations that he was using his position to promote political agendas and silence free speech, according to The Verge.

Twitter’s move to suspend Costolo came just weeks after it announced that it was suspending its chief operating officer, Anthony Noto, for violating the companys policies on political bias.

Twitter also suspended former Twitter engineer James Damore, who wrote a memo in 2017 criticizing the company for the way it handled a sexist tweet.

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